We’re excited to announce that a virtual store for Hangdog wares is now under construction.

While we’ve been grappling with the fine details – let’s just say Lewis at the local post office is getting very, very excited – the resident pooches have been jostling for prime position in the online retail space. It’s been this way since they realised that Hangdog artworks will soon be within reach of everyone in the whole wide world, and that includes Spot, Timmy, Toto and Wilfred. They’re a little bit starstruck at the very idea of finding a home on any of those kennel walls.

For the impatient, prints in the gallery are for sale now. Just ask us about it and we can transact in the old fashioned way.

We expect the online store – closely followed by some new products – to be up and running in early 2014. We know you’re listening, Lassie.