Why prints?

I paint on an iPad, using a painting program called Procreate and a stylus. That means there’s no original as such. The finished artworks are giclee prints, which is a difficult-to-pronounce way of saying high quality pigment prints on archival paper. I have them printed by a professional on Canson etching edition rag, which has a nice warmth and texture.

Will they fade?

No. These pooches have never seen the inside of a garden variety printer. Or even a really good office printer. This is next level printing, with super high resolution and archival quality ink and paper. The artworks will last much longer than your average fur child (more than 75 years in fact) and they won’t ever pee on the carpet or chew your shoes.

Do you work from photographs?

Mostly not. That’s why Hangdog dogs have wonky limbs and disproportionate features and sometimes only three legs. They come out of that little place in my head that stores freeze-frames of dogs caught in awkward/ guilty/ poignant moments.

Do you have a (insert dog breed of choice)?

That’s up to your judgement, really. People have been known to see their Great Dane in what I think is a Chihuahua. One made a positive ID of their friend’s pug in what I would have called a schnauzer. It’s in the eyes, apparently. Have a good look through the  shop or the facebook and instagram feeds for signs of a hound you love.

Will you paint my dog?

This has got to be the most frequent of the frequently asked questions. Sadly we can no longer do commissions, owing to time constraints. Keep an eye on the Facebook and Instagram feeds for dogs that might just speak to you. We’re happy to trawl our back catalogue for possible matches if you send pics. Contact with requests. 

Will you paint my cat?

No. Nope.

Are Hangdog artworks for sale internationally?

They are, yes. We sell and post pretty much everywhere. What you want is the shop.

I bought a print from your online shop. When can I expect it?

Good on you, thanks. I’ll be having it printed to order off site, which can take a few days. Then there’s the whole post thing, which can take a few days, too, depending on your geographical distance from Fremantle. Give it at least a week before you start to fret. Do let me know if you’re in a hurry for it. 

Where can I buy your tshirts?

Tees are printed to order, and this happens in a different place from the Hangdog online shop. Here it is. You can also get there from the Dog Tees icon on the home page and elsewhere on the site.

Can you design tees and other merch for my business? You know, nice stuff that people might actually want to wear or use?

Yes. Do get in touch with your requirements and we can sort you out with something cool.