5 April 2020

Phil had a big night celebrating Gavin’s Tinder triumph.


You okay Phil? You look a bit peaky.

I’ve got a filthy Zoom hangover.



Yeah, Des and Jenny hosted one of their legendary dinner parties. Everyone had to come dressed as something starting with C. It got a bit wild. And loud. Brad and Toby came as a pair of cymbals. Marcia won the night; she came as a cask of wine. At least, that’s what was propped in front of her camera. I think she might have been under the table.


What did you go as?

A co-worker. I just wore my PJs, as usual.


What was on the menu?

Not sure what everyone else ate, but I had a caper sandwich. It was a lowlight; I’m prioritising fluids.


Good conversation, then?

Quite juicy. Gavin came with news: he’s finally had some luck on Tinder.


What are the chances?

I know, it turns out he’s a natural at pandemic romance. He and his paramour had their first date at the Maccas drive-through – parked side by side in the carpark with their windows open. He fell for her before he even got half way through his fries.


Great. Unlucky timing, though…

True, Gav’s a stickler for the rules so he’s a bit beside himself with frustration and lust.


Where to from here then?

They’ve started co-writing an erotic novel, sending alternate chapters back and forth on an encrypted messaging service. Gavin says it’s taken his love life into a whole new stratosphere. Correspondence is the new courtship, he reckons. He’s seriously thinking about asking her to marry him.


So many questions. I bet this dominated the dinner chat.

It was pretty gripping stuff. You know what made it even more mesmerising?


What’s that?

Gavin was dressed as a chicken.