Mothers Day seems like a good time to reflect on the joys and angsts of fur parenting.

Hands up if you:

  • Want a dog but can’t have one
  • Have a dog but worry you’re not giving it enough of your time
  • Have taken a sickie when your dog is ill
  • Only make travel plans that fit with your dog
  • Would die for your dog
  • Have outlived your dog, and been heartbroken
  • Can think of no better conversationalist than your dog
  • Believe your dog to be in the top 5 percentile of general greatness
  • Sometimes get so angry with your dog you want to leave it at the park
  • Sometimes feel like your heart will burst open because your dog is your dog
  • Know a woman that would definitely have her hand up right now

Yeah. Happy (Dog)mother’s day!

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