Illustration of dog dressed in jumper and scarf

“It’s been six months since I bought anything new for the wardrobe. I like to do my bit for the planet and sustainable fashion is easier than living without lights. What I didn’t realise is how much stamina is required for op shopping. Who knew?


It’s not unlike being a professional athlete, to be honest. There’s your psychological game; you’ve got to get yourself in the zone if you’re going to beat off your competition. There’s a lot of seasoned pros out there with hawk-eyes for plaid. Then there’s conquering your own thrift fatigue. You’ve just got to train for that. Plus you’ve really got to perfect your wrist flick, hone your game face and fine tune your trash radar if you want to have any longevity. And of course you have to take more care around open flames. Op shopping definitely takes fortitude. Never, ever attempt it without having breakfast first. That’s madness.”