Dog in Residence: Week 5 Day 30

Guest blogger: Peggy of Braeside

Peggy, a newly minted character, flaunts her haiku talking ways.


In late out early

That’s always been my MO

Get them while they blink


Horrie the poor soul

Rested on his three laurels

Hardly saw me land


Now I’m driving things

The plot is fresh and spicy

Finally, safe hands


My backstory rocks

I hail from the gutter but

Providence is kind


It’s clear I’m a spunk

A tall full-blooded harlot

With wardrobe to match


My intellect burns

There’s few I can’t tame with my

Lacerating wit


Speaking in haiku

Has mild limitations, sure

But that’s how I roll


Better to be brief –

Just requisite syllables –

Than verbose and dull


Sulkers gonna sulk

But I’ll star in the climax

Being my best self


Peggy of Braeside

Happy to be at the helm

Until next we meet