Since I started offering prints in multiple sizes, I’m often asked which size is best. Most of the time, my answer is ‘Go big, you won’t be sorry!’

It seems I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I’ve crunched the numbers, and a pretty convincing 78% of unframed prints bought from the Hangdog print shop in the last year have been at the biggest available size.

There are good reasons for this, which I’ll get to.

But of course BIG is not the only answer. The best size really comes down to space and the nature of the image.

What space are you filling? If you’re looking for something to sit on your desk or bedside table, the little guys are perfect. They fit neatly into most pre-made frames designed for 10 x 8 images. That also makes them a great and inexpensive gift. Art can be hard to give, but most people are happy to house one of these.

The most fitting images for the small size are the close-ups of single dogs. Among my favourites are What was that?, You’re home, Who? and I’ve got this.

And now I feel dirty, picking favourites.

Two dogs in landscape shape, as above, also works. Once you start adding more figures (more dogs, more people) such as those in the Dog parent series, they can get a bit lost at this size. If in doubt, go bigger!

The medium size (A4) is a good all-rounder. Still affordable, but with a bit more heft, it fits in many wall spaces without being imposing. It’s also great as part of a salon hang, featuring a set of three or more artworks.

The medium size (centre), pictured here with two little guys for company.

The A4 size also fits into plenty of pre-made frames. Two figures look good at this size. They also look great in pairs. Don’t you reckon?

Two framed A4’s sitting pretty alongside each other

Want something with a bit more oomph? Yeah, now we’re talking.

The big prints are much higher impact and really hold their own on the wall. Single dogs make a real statement – “Ahem, I am here” – and images with multiple figures, like the Dog Beach Series work better and are much more fun at this size. And yes, they fit into pre-made frames. These babies won’t disappear into your soft furnishings.

Who wins?

So. Having established the merits of going large, who wants to go larger still? Give me the nod and if there’s an appetite for it, it’ll happen.

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x Meg