“I had my first time with a chicken today. Delilah was her name. Boy, was she feisty. For an old chook with withered feet Delilah was quite the goer.


Normally when I do reiki, I can bring a sense of calm and wellbeing to someone just by laying my hands on them and being present, but Delilah wasn’t having it. What she lacked in leg mobility she made up for in beak reflexes. I came out of the encounter with a quite few scratches and one fairly nasty flesh wound, plus I tweaked my back trying to stop her from flying into the ceiling fan.


I doubt Delilah will be back. I suspect she’s not quite ready for an energetic shift, and you have to be ready, don’t you? That’s okay. I’ve got horses and goats knocking my door down for treatment. Goats are more my jam, to be honest. We just get each other.”