Smile. It's a Hangdog.

Hangdog is home to artist and writer Megan Anderson. Using an Apple pencil and a light touch, she creates things for discerning dog lovers: small batch prints, cool dog tees, adorable dog cards and such.

Megan Anderson journalist and artist

The Hangdog style is playful but understated. Think subdued colours and tactile materials, with character that makes your heart burst. Think quality, too. The fine art prints are professionally made with archival inks and paper, giving them a life span of about 700 dog years.

Meg’s background as a journalist informs Hangdog’s wordy bits, including the quirky new gift book, Word of Dog. If you’ve ever wondered about dogs’ complex inner lives, this waggish read has insights – straight from the pooches’ mouths. More of this nonsense is on the blog.

Hangdog HQ is in Fremantle, Western Australia. Indi is in charge.


  • “You capture dogs’ character like nobody else. Hangdog never fails to make me smile. Love it!”

    Kate, Melbourne

  • “You painted my girlfriend’s dog and you didn’t even know it!”

    Gary, Connecticut

  • “My friend erupted with laughter when she saw it. She’s sure you have a
Maremma because it is just the image of her Shadow. Thank you – it was the
perfect gift to a lovely friend.”

    Susan, Perth

  • “Everyone loves the print. Tears all round – thank you!”

    Alex, Albany

  • “I really don’t see what all the hoo-ha is about.”

    Cats Journal