It’s not a junket, exactly. It’s Hangdog’s latest exhibition of dog prints. People on Western Australia’s south coast are best placed to see it: it’s showing at Three Anchors Gallery, near Albany’s Middleton Beach, for the month of November.

You might call Albany – granite-fringed seaside town with an inordinately handsome dog population – Hangdog’s spiritual home. So It’s been all pleasure putting together this collection. Some of the dogs in the show have been directly inspired by the passing parade of pooches along Middleton Beach and the boardwalk:  funny, serious, nonchalant, full of big plans involving balls.

District hounds are encouraged to bring their people in for a look during November. Recognise anybody?

Don’t imagine for a moment the pre-Christmas timing is an accident either. Research shows Hangdog hounds rate high on the brownie point register when it comes to gift-giving.