This tee has been gadding about on the Freo beaches a fair bit lately. It generally gets a wry smile from locals, but a few folks from abroad have been asking about it. Why the big fuss over this ornery image, they say? What did the dingo start, exactly?

For non-locals, the tee is a reverential nod to a Perth icon, the Dingo Flour Mill in North Fremantle. The giant sign on the silo that heralds your arrival in the port city is said to have been painted by notorious Western Australian business tycoon, the late Alan Bond, back in his sign writing days. It wasn’t, but anyhoo. It’s not the finest piece of art but we love it. The image graces many a tea towel, hat and mug, making a world diaspora in the form of tourist memorabilia.

So we’ve just given it a bit of a twist. Every icon needs one from time to time.


This, and all the other Hangdog tees, are enjoying a bit of a diaspora of their own, and we’re always keen to see where they end up. So if you have photos of yourself or some random stranger wearing a Hangdog tee, do let us know. Tag @hangdog_art on social media and use the hashtag #hangdoginthewild. Free tees for the most obscure/ interesting locales!

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