Once a journalist, so the saying goes, always a poser. Of questions. And since there is a former journalist behind the wheel at Hangdog HQ, it was inevitable that at some point the resident dogs’ back stories would be uncovered, packaged up and smeared about in a tell-all book.

Well, that’s a bit premature. But we have been chatting to them a bit. I’m sure nobody will be surprised to hear that they have each led interesting lives and continue to live with purpose and intent and disappointment and delight and secrets and regret, much like the rest of us.


It’s always illuminating to sit down with them one-on-one over a leisurely cup of kombucha.

Brenda transcript 650 x 400px

Sometimes it feels a bit like therapy. We often have a good cry, a good laugh and a bit of a shake before getting on with the day.

Desmond transcript 650 x 400px

We’re not done talking. Tune in to Hangdog’s facebook page for ongoing instalments in the Hangdog transcripts.