I know. Counterintuitive, right? Surely a print is by definition one of many, spun off a production line like a crowd-pleasing Tim Tam. Or one of those widgets that make your washing machine work.

Well no. Not necessarily.

When your medium is digital – like it is around Hangdog HQ – digital printing is the only way to bring it to life. There’s no original lurking on canvas or board or paper. The original exists in the depths of a computer hard drive. If it’s to be a 2D thing to hang on the wall, it’s gotta be printed.

So, a Hangdog piece is a print. As different from a reproduction, which is where an original painting is photographed or scanned, and then printed.

Nobody seems very sure about what to call the first version. Giclee print, fine art print, pigment print. All of these are right – so long as the printing is done on a top notch  professional printer with super high resolution,  archival inks and museum grade paper.

So that’s what we do around Hangdog HQ. The prints in the online shop are open edition prints, which basically means there’s no limit to how often they’re printed, mainly because we were too busy hanging out with the hounds to bother with numbering them and keeping track of a limited edition. (They are, however, all hand titled and signed, and they get sent on their way with a packed treat bag and a great deal of love.)

Like this dude.

Come exhibition time, though, whole different story. For exhibitions, artworks are produced once only. They’re bigger, they’re pricier, and the one you love is yours and yours alone – should you be triumphant in fighting off the other guy to get to the sales desk first. (Elbows and low level weird moaning. Just a suggestion).

These opportunities come around fairly rarely, but look, there is one coming up.

Sneak peak here. If you’re in the neighbourhood, do come by for a looksee in-the-flesh.

We love a good shindig in a bookshop.