People often want to know who really runs the show around here. Well, it’s not Indi. (Please don’t tell her.)

She’s totally important to operations, of course. Without her, there would be no enigma in the room. No riddle to solve.

There’d be no need to explain her weird foot fetish to alarmed strangers on the dog beach. There’d be no-one barking out a loud warning that someone nearby is speaking French or wearing a hat. Nobody would be stubbornly insisting that to walk in an anti-clockwise direction is COMPLETELY OUT OF THE QUESTION.  At the studio, nobody would sit gloomily in the corner, staring intently at the wall. Who would greet visitors with a gift (usually something embarrassing from the dirty laundry basket) and then sulk for Australia with it wedged softly in her retriever mouth?

Indi is a constant reminder that no two dogs are the same, and indeed, some are much odder than others. Her magnificent complexity helps inform the Hangdog style. We really, really adore her.