Heard about Oscar? He’s the little guy who was rescued – twice! – from a nasty puppy farm situation in Victoria, by Deb Tranter. He and his puppy inmates were in a badly matted and disheviled state, having been subject to neglect and awful conditions in a place dedicated to pumping out puppies for sale with no regard for the animals’ welfare.

Now there’s a campaign named in his honour. Oscar’s Law seeks to abolish puppy factories, and encourages people to Adopt not Shop when it comes to getting a canine companion. Get the full story here.

So Oscar’s all good now, and that’s what I named the piece I was pleased to paint of him recently.

oscar framed feature image deeper 650 x 400px

He’s such a bundle of energy these days, darting hither and yon like a mad happy thing, it’s heartwarming. So heartwarming we want to share the love. So in celebration of Oscar’s great life and his recent entry into the Hangdog repertoire, we’re donating 20% of all print sales in the online shop to the Oscar’s Law cause, until the end of September.

That’s any print in the shop. And rest assured, these guys are all very much loved and cared for – they sleep inside, in a padded drawer! – until they find their new homes.