Street art has come a long way, to be sure. Less ugly tagging, more cool murals.

Still, the representation of dogs in street art is alarmingly low, and Eric Dawg is on a mission to change that. He’s been quietly chipping away at bringing a more canine feel to some walls around his home town.

We recently stumbled upon him while he was rejuvenating the side of a house in one of Fremantle’s coveted residential streets, for example.

He’s also been active at the Fremantle Port.


Eric’s a bit of a recluse and not into self promotion, so it was a coup to have him stop and share a bit about what makes him tick. Here’s the transcript:

Thanks for playing, Eric.

For those in the Perth vicinity, there’s a rare chance to buy some of Eric’s work at ‘BRILLIANT,’ a group exhibition at Moore’s Gallery, Fremantle. The Dawg’s work will be hanging alongside new pieces from Hangdog. Such synergy! The exhibition opens Friday 24 March at 6pm and runs until Sunday 9 April.