Like to take a dog with you whenever you can?

Well, there are ways and ways. One way is to conceal your fur baby on your person and smuggle it in to airports and swanky functions.

Another is to slap a dog on your tote bag, your iphone, your t-shirt or your throw cushion, and never be lonely. Or in strife with the authorities.

That’s why we’ve created a little shopfront on Redbubble, the really quite clever website that can turn Hangdogs into various objets at the click of a mouse button.

Like so.

tote intrepid 650 x 400pxalready phone 650 x 400pxcushion huh deeper 650 x 400px

They’re a fun crowd at Redbubble, and they do a nice job of digital printing onto fabric, plastic, all manner of things. They live in America though, so if you’re thinking Christmas gifts, best be looking lively so they can meet production and shipping deadlines.

Check out the Redbubble shop here.

Not all the Hangdog hounds are there, of course. If there’s something you really want on your phone/ cushion cover/ tee then let us know and we’ll see if it’s possible.