We get the whole gamut of pooches sitting for us, (some stand, obviously) with a view to securing a custom Hangdog artwork for evermore.

It's time deeper 650 x 400px

Everyone’s different. We had the guy who never says a bad word about anyone because he’s terrified of being slandered over his special relationship with Penelope the sheep.

I will if you will crop

And there was the Scottish lass who loves everybody except when they’re wrong, and then she goes into a sanctimonious funk.

luna crop

And the guy who once lived on scorpions and nappies in a remote rubbish tip but got rescued and went to live in a mansion by the sea, and is almost certain he’s better off now.


Can I come?

And the chocolate lab who’s always struggled to reconcile with being a pedigree when there’s so many cool rescue mutts out there.


Are we good?

And this girl, who’s smug as all get out because she gets fed wagyu steak while her parents are detoxing.
Might you reconsider crop?


They’ll all tell you that having your portrait painted in Fremantle’s Hangdog studio is no doddle – all that standing on three legs, so much poncing about by the artist – but there are things you can do to make the whole thing run smoother:

  • Show your best side. Not the side where you’re asleep, or cocking your leg on the cat on the far side of the yard, or six weeks overdue for a trip to the salon and you’ve just come in from the beach. Go to some effort to show us the you that folks might recognise. Show us your eyes, for example. When selecting photos to represent yourself (no, you don’t really have to do a live sitting, that’s crazy talk), put this front of mind.
  • Think laterally. You know you don’t have HB pencil lines where your toes are, but you have to admit, you wish you did, right? That looks pretty cool. It’s the tattoo of the art world. You are on point.
  • Don’t lie about your age. Unless you really want to be captured for posterity as a puppy, don’t show the artist your puppy photos.
  • Surrender to the quirky. Everyone knows that the look you pull for the bathroom mirror/ selfie stick  isn’t the real you. We’re gonna try to bring out the you that everyone relates to; the you we glimpse when you’re caught falling up the stairs or eating the last bit of your housemate’s chocolate or channeling a smartarse. We love that you. Say yes to that you. Nobody wants a boring picture of you.
  • Resist vanity. The artwork doesn’t make you look fat. You’re just a bit fat. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  • Remember: you are one in a million. In fact, you are a complete one-off. In a gazillion pooches, there’s no-one quite like you. Yes, a Hangdog custom artwork will be a fine art print (our artist is digi-jiggy) but it won’t be available for anyone else to get their grubby hands on. Just you. Or your considerate loved-one. And yes, that’s why they pay a bit more than a cookie cutter for it. You’re so worth it.

Ready to give it a try? Contact meg@hangdogart.com.au for the lowdown on custom dog art.

** UPDATE: As of 2017, commissions are on hold. Sorry for any disappointment.