The Hangdog story


meg indi moon smallerHangdog is the creation of Meg Anderson, writer turned artist with a thing for dogs.

Acting on a sense that people wanted more playful, ironic, smile-inducing stuff in their lives, Meg set about creating something enchanting and witty and comforting for those who hold the life view that dogs are the best people.

The resulting artworks appear as fine art prints, greetings cards and textiles, from tote bags to tees, tea towels, dresses and beach towels.

The Hangdog story, told in pictures and a few choice words, constantly unfolds on Facebook and Instagram. There’s also some entertainment to be found in the occasional Hangdog newsletter. Get that here!

Hangdog artworks can be seen at exhibitions and various outlets around Western Australia. And in the Hangdog shop, of course. Custom artworks, sadly, are no longer part of the picture.

The Hangdog studio is in Fremantle, Western Australia, where Meg takes direction from her complex golden retriever, Indi.

Something else you’d like to know?

Get in touch at or call the chief dog wrangler on 0412 174 019